14   Most trips to the bathroom in a day

11   Types of fruit eaten for the first time

.20   Price in dollars of a guava smoothie at my local juice shack

269   Number of students taught this semester

32   Largest turnout for English club

4   Smallest turnout for English club

2   Months taught without an Indonesian counterpart during Hajj season

25   Pounds lost

275+   Pounds of rice eaten (assuming the national average)

3,864   Photos taken since November

0   Meaningful political discussions had with community members

320+   People who showed up to my host family’s annual reunion last fall

10   People living in my home

300   Number of kids who recently serenaded me with Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go on”

18   Hours spent in the classroom each week

5   Guest appearances at local schools

6   Tahlils and Selamatans attended with my host father

2   Funerals attended with school counterparts

12   Rabbits my host family has lost to cats this year

6.5   Hours from my site to PC HQ by bus

2   Non-PCV bules (white people) spotted in my regency over the past twelve months

13   Days without a Facebook and counting

30   Percentage of volunteers lost since ID-5 arrived in Indo

3   Photo appearances in the Jawa Pos

24   (mostly mosquito) Bites counted on my left foot at one time

3.6   (approximate) Dollars per day spent during an average month at site

4   Maximum number of students who have fainted during a single Monday morning flag ceremony

2   And1-like “ooohs…” collectively elicited from  a crowd of middle school students in a recent futsal match

100+   Chocolate chip, banana pancakes cooked for family and friends

9   Cow and goat slaughterings witnessed over the Muslim Korban holiday

3   Sarungs purchased

0  Times I’ve wished I were home.